Aloha and welcome to my blog! I am very excited to share my thoughts and inspirations with you. As an artist I love to create. But what really fuels my deepest passion is change. Positive change in my environment esthetically, emotionally and socially. Photography has been a powerful medium I enjoy that allows me pure creative freedom and is an amazing tool for inspiration. It’s great when images can capture a timeless moment, create the perfect tone in a space, and bring awareness where there is a need socially. Some of my favorite photos have become beautiful wall art and are featured in my web gallery.

I capture what arises naturally in my environment and in peoples stories. Its amazing what I get when my subjects don’t even know I am watching! That’s what I enjoy about photographing weddings. Images are full of emotion….. love, intimacy and laughter…… natural and unrehearsed. I capture the beauty in people not just physically but their own unique essence. Visually I am able to, in a instant, find the best lighting and angles that reveal peoples beauty physically. But what I really enjoy is creating a connection that allows people to relax and open themselves to me naturally. Its great for the photos and I end up making good friends!

Another strong passion of mine is working with youth. I’ve always felt a strong connection with children and the significance in positive roll modeling. I began initiating community projects on Maui with local “at risk” youth combining Art and Hawaiian cultural values. As our projects progressed I noticed that some of our youth became proactive with their creativity, skill learning, and positive contribution in our environment. Its awesome when they have the freedom to be themselves and are supported in their natural interests and strengths. I feel a strong importance to really take care of the next generation and give them a strong voice…… they are our future. In 2010, I started Think Island, a concept organization dedicated to empowering youth and communities. Our first project was accepted and featured in Art Maui. Check it out!

I also find myself getting into design work. Allot of my designs are inspired by my desire to change and improve my home. Mainly if there is a need, but also to make it more beautiful and practical for my family. I end up creating pieces that are clean, simple, unique and pleasing to the eye! I express allot of my creative freedom this way and we end up having allot of fun at home too! I’m excited to feature my creations here and I think you may enjoy them too!

Thanks for dropping by!