As an Artist

I dedicated to utilizing my creativity to enhance people’s lives and the health of the planet through the arts and community service projects.
My mission is to create meaningful artwork that touches the heart of our viewers and brings the serenity of the ocean into their home or office. Having the privilege of living by the ocean and experience its magic every day I am inspired to share its beauty & tranquil effects through our art pieces. Each piece coalesces the serene ocean waters & soothing sunlight undertones in motion.
A portion of each artwork sold will be donated to help preserve the health of our ocean waters and wildlife.


I am a self-taught photographer whose primary artistic intention is the expression of nature’s beauty in all its infinite perfection.

Being self-taught has allowed me the freedom and confidence to explore different mediums and techniques which have resulted in my signature style.

The island is an endless source of inspiration for my work – from its spectacular physical beauty to the gentle spirit of Aloha found in her people.

Beeing native of seaside Portugal, I am a longtime Maui resident and surfer. After years of success in commercial and art photography, I
have focused my attention on a self- invented style of large-scale landscape imagery. Through the capture of motion, I somehow find the middle way
between literal and spiritual, between fact and feeling. The deeper layers of the ocean’s magic.  The colors are subtle. The images calmly hum. Find me Thursday nights at Four Seasons Resort’s Artist Showcase.




05:00 ~ 10.00