02.26.16 TRAVEL

Back home / Portugal

After a few years I decided to go back to Portugal and explore it alone. Not many things changed. Well I guess surfing has been exploding, it almost feels like it has become a national sport. As I arrived the first thing I did was see an old buddy of mine and caught up with him. We haven’t surfed together in 20 years, since Costa Rica… great memories. He lives in around Peniche, a place I never really explored so I was exited to surf the local breaks. The moment I arrived a big north storm approached with high winds so surf was completely junk. I got a mobile home for the rest of the trip and surfboards so I decided to go find surf and good weather in the southern coast of Portugal. I barely remember it from when I was kid. As, I began to head south I connected with a new friend who lives in a magical place called Alentejo. Somehow all of the stories I heard from when I was a kid were true. They do like to take it easy. haha.. He showed me his home breaks and we got to surf small and fun waves. The great thing about Portugal is that in the winter during the week the coast is empty! Went back to my hometown and looked around for family friends I actually never met. I was about 5 when my parents moved away. First stop was Praia dos Pescadores in Ericeira, This is a place where all the town fisherman hangout after their return form the sea. Once I mentioned my Dad it felt like I was part of the family, they all had stories and some even remembered me which was supper cool after 35 years.  Ended up staying there for the rest of my trip, just felt home away from home. The best of portugal I think… I will be bringing my family next time. One other place I wanted to see was Lisbon. A city that has so much to see and as an adult I never really enjoyed it. I got in touch with another friend that lives right in the center of town. There I went. WOW what a fun place with so much history, an artists paradise. At the end of this trip I got to hang out with a few old friends and catch up! – Paulo