After his transformative experiences in New York and the vibrant landscapes of Brazil, Paulo’s life took a pivotal turn towards the Pacific Ocean. Accepting an invitation to surf the warm waters led him to Maui, where the essence of Aloha—both in nature and among the people—was immediately palpable. Surrounded by kind-hearted individuals and the aliveness of the elements, Paulo found in Maui a familiar spirit that resonated deeply with his own.

Over two decades, Paulo has been captivated by Hawaii’s majestic waves and enchanted landscapes. His art, deeply influenced by the island’s natural beauty and vibrant culture, has become a conduit for positive change and generosity. Paulo sees his work as a means to capture and share beauty & as a tool for doing good in the world.

 In Maui, Paulo’s dedication to giving back to the community and preserving the environment led him to engage with ocean conservancy groups and nonprofits. In 2011, inspired by Hula teacher, Kumu Kapono’ai, Paulo launched a creative arts and cultural program aimed at inspiring Maui’s at-risk youth. The program, which melds art with Hawaiian culture, encouraged young people to explore their identities and the importance of Hawaii’s values.

The impact of Paulo’s work with the youth was recognized when images from his first project were accepted into the prestigious Art Maui exhibition at The Maui Arts and Cultural Center. These images show the youth appearing to hold Hawaiian words written with beams of light, a symbol of the powerful connection between culture, nature, and the next generation.

Continuing his passion, Paulo today collaborates with organizations such as the Hawaii Wild Fund, the Hawaii Wildlife Discovery Center, and Native Intelligence. Through these partnerships, he leverages his art to enrich the community, foster environmental awareness, and celebrate Hawaiian culture

In 2015, the loss of his nephew Kyle marked a profound turning point for Paulo. Amidst his grief, he found his heart opening to deeper layers of compassion. Seeking solace, he often turned to the ocean, a place of contemplation and comfort during this difficult period. Kyle’s wish for more comforting environments in treatment spaces deeply inspired Paulo, compelling him to reconnect with his photography in a quest to capture the essence of this newfound openness.

Venturing into new realms of his craft, Paulo began experimenting with innovative techniques that allowed him to see the ocean through a different lens. He developed a unique style that emulated brushstrokes, producing subtle abstract effects that magnified the ocean’s inherent beauty. This creative breakthrough led to the inception of his Fine Art Ocean Scapes Collections designed to transform any space into a sanctuary of peace and serenity.

Through Paulo’s Ocean Scapes, he creates positive ripples in the lives of others, embodying the lessons learned from both the serene and stormy days by the ocean. His art not only captures the beauty of the world but also serves as a tribute to Kyle, reminding us of the tranquility and healing power of the ocean.

Paulo’s artistry channels the ocean’s timeless teachings, inviting us to find peace, vibrancy, and connection in its majestic beauty.

On January 1st, 2022, Paulo embarked on a remarkable journey, committing to surf every day of that year. This decision was inspired by a desire to excel and prioritize his passion for surfing, even later in life. Throughout the year, from days graced with perfect waves to the coldest, rain-soaked sessions, Paulo’s dedication never wavered. It had been years since he had spent every day in the ocean, echoing his early days in Ericeira. This daily immersion brought about an unexpected renewal and significantly honed his surfing skills, elevating his performance to new heights of intensity and exhilaration.

A few months into this challenge, Paulo ventured into a new creative domain, crafting his first Fine Art surfboard. The piece was an instant hit, earning acclaim from friends and clients alike. This collection masterfully fused surf culture with fine art, creating pieces that were not only visually stunning but also emblematic of sophistication, innovation, and a profound devotion to the Art of Riding. Through this endeavor, Paulo not only pushed the boundaries of his surfing but also redefined the intersection of athleticism and artistry.

Today, Paulo’s Ocean Scapes & Surfboards captivate collectors and enthusiasts globally, from the bustling streets of New York to the vibrant heart of Tokyo. His art, a symphony of the sea’s ever-changing moods, adorns the walls of luxury resorts in Kauai and Maui, including the prestigious Four Seasons, Wailea. Those wishing to experience the depth and tranquility of his work firsthand can meet Paulo and explore his art in person at the Four Seasons Wailea on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. Additionally, private viewings can be arranged at his art studio, nestled on the North Shore of Maui, where each visitor is invited into Paulo’s world, where his oceanic visions come to life.