We are passionate about creating positive change in our community by working with several non-profit organizations that bring awareness & create solutions to issues we are inspired to help with.
As surfers who feel deeply connected to the ocean we naturally want to protect what we love. We have partnered with an awesome organization called Hawaii wildlife fund. The have ongoing programs that help protect the health of our oceans, Hawaii’s wild life and delicate ecosystems in Hawai’i.  A portion of each Ocean art piece sold wild be donated to them. For more info visit www.wildhawaii.org
We also believe that one of the biggest investments in our future is to help empower our youth. We have partnered with ……….. that helps youthNEED TO FINISH THIS
We have also created youth programs of our own on Maui, combining Hawaiian cultural values and photography. We worked with at risk kids through the process of  visiting sacred sites on the island while applying Hawaiian cultural values.  We created an art piece reflecting an old Hawaiian proverb.  We submitted our finished art project in 2011 to Maui’s biggest artist showcase at the Shaffer gallery and got chosen. Our youth felt accomplished and supported by people who care. Our vision is to continue these projects and have Leaf Hawaii be our main funding source.