Onde o mar e mais azul! – Where the ocean is more blue!

Born in the quaint fishing village of Ericiera, Portugal, Paulo’s earliest memories are painted with the hues of what locals claim to be the bluest ocean. Living less than a block from the shore, he was the ocean’s pupil, learning its rhythms and secrets through endless days spent at its edge. This small village, rich in simplicity and kindness, shaped Paulo’s understanding of life, teaching him to flow with the currents rather than against them. The winter storms that battered the pier, and every serene sunset over the water, were lessons in resilience, power, and beauty.
 At six, Paulo’s fascination took a new turn when he witnessed two travelers visiting his town surfing for the first time. This magical encounter sparked a yearning in his heart. The town buzzed with excitement, watching the surfers ride the waves against the backdrop of the bluest ocean for days. Soon after, Paulo was gifted a boogie board and felt the exhilaration of wave riding for himself. From that moment, he was hooked! But his bond with the ocean wasn’t just about the adrenaline, it was a deep connection to its ever-changing colors, moods, and textures.  FULL STORY

      Paulo lives on the stunning north shore of Haiku, Maui, with his beautiful wife, Tria, and daughter, Aleia. For over 25 years, Hawaii’s captivating coast has served as both his playground and his muse. Paulo has dedicated himself to photographing the essence and purity of what he captures through his visionary perspective. Today, his Ocean Scapes and Surfboards enchant collectors and enthusiasts worldwide, from the bustling streets of New York to the vibrant heart of Tokyo. His art, an accolade to the sea’s ever-changing moods, graces the walls of luxury Hawaiian resorts, including the prestigious Four Seasons in Wailea.

Those wishing to delve into the depth of his work firsthand are welcome to meet Paulo and explore his art in person at the Four Seasons, Wailea on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. Additionally, private viewings can be scheduled at his art studio on the North Shore of Maui, offering each visitor a unique glimpse into Paulo’s world, where his oceanic visions are brought to life.

In 2021, Paulo embarked on a remarkable journey, committing to surf every day that year. This decision was inspired by a desire to excel and prioritize his passion for surfing, even later in life. Throughout the year, from days graced with perfect waves to the coldest, rain-soaked sessions, Paulo’s dedication never wavered. It had been years since he had spent every day in the ocean, echoing his early days in Ericeira, Portugal. This daily immersion brought about an unexpected renewal and significantly honed his surfing skills, elevating his performance to new heights of intensity and exhilaration.

A few months into this challenge, Paulo ventured into a new creative domain, crafting his first Fine Art surfboard. The piece was an instant hit, earning acclaim from friends and clients alike. This collection masterfully fused surf culture with fine art, creating pieces that were not only visually stunning but also emblematic of sophistication, innovation, and a profound devotion to the Art of Riding. Through this endeavor, Paulo not only pushed the boundaries of his surfing but also redefined the intersection of athleticism and artistry. SURFBOARDS