New York / Brazil

Paulos life significantly changed when his parents decided to relocate the family to New York at fourteen. It was challenging for him to leave this special place that was deep in his heart. Before leaving, he wanted to capture this magic & have images to take with him. He borrowed his older brother’s camera & took snapshots for the first time. While exploring behind the lens he caught a fleeting glimpse of the creative force that fuels the artist within…a precursor to his future in photography.

In New York, a brief stint photographing school children reignited Paulo’s love for capturing fleeting moments through his lens. This short-lived experience laid the foundation for his future in photography. Amid the laughter and spontaneity of children, he began learning the technical aspects of the camera, discovering complementary angles that highlighted the unique beauty of each individual. This venture into portrait photography revealed Paulo’s innate ability to capture the essence of his subjects, delving into the chemistry between photographer and subject and learning the nuances of lighting and composition. The fulfillment he found in this process fueled his passion and solidified his commitment to photography.

Paulo’s journey then led him to Brazil, where he settled along the breathtaking coast and in the lush depths of the Amazon rainforest. Surrounded by nature’s

boundless beauty, his artistic vision began to flourish. Paulo continued to photograph the people he encountered, each face telling its own story of resilience and grace. At the same time, he began exploring landscape photography, letting the vast, vibrant scenes guide his lens. It was in Brazil that Paulo learned the importance of slowing down. Days spent in a hammock, nestled among the trees by the shore or within the rainforest, allowed him to find a profound sense of peace and presence, deepening his connection with his surroundings.

This immersion in nature taught Paulo the significance of being in flow with both himself and the environment around him. The more attuned he became to this rhythm, the more the landscape unveiled its secrets, revealing moments of simple, pure beauty. Nature’s quiet invitations to capture these fleeting, beautiful scenes transformed Paulo’s time in Brazil into a period of personal and artistic transformation. He began to see the world anew and understand  the delicate dance between observing and participating in the environment he was capturing. This harmony between photographer and nature became a central theme in Paulo’s work, guiding his artistic journey and shaping his approach to photography, an approach that continues to influence his work to this day.     CONTINUE